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††††††† SOME REAL ESTATE TIPS†††††††††††††††††††††††††††



You put your house up for sale and the listing expired without a sale.† What went wrong?†

The majority of houses sell during the initial listing time usually a period of three months or more....But as you have found out, some donít sell.

What should you do now?† If your listing has expired and now you really want results, we can help.† Donít get spooked by the death of the first listing.† The home sale you want is still well within reach!

Are you committed to Selling?†

First, although you may feel discouraged, if you still want or need to sell, make a renewed commitment to do what it takes to market the house effectively to get it SOLD!

Next, find out what went wrong.† An expired listing usually reflects a problem in one or more of four major areas:† communication; price; condition or marketing.

1.†††††† Communication:

Why no sale?† What did prospects say about price, about condition?† What feedback did other agents offer?† Teamwork between seller and agent is the key to a good marketing plan.

As well, make it easy to show, keep the house in showing condition, depersonalize and keep large pets at a distance.†

As well, tell your REALTOR of changes to the neighbourhood and property condition.

2.†††††† Price:

This is the most common culprit for the lack of a sale.† The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers or worse - none at all.

Market conditions and competition probably have changed since you initially listed your hours.† Is your price right?† Are your terms competitive?† Activity without offers often indicates overpricing.†† Remember any house no matter what condition, will sell for the right price!

With an †up-to-date market analysis, youíll know how your house compares to others offered for sale today.

3.†††††† Condition:

A house in a move-in condition invites a sale.† We can tour your house and help you see it as prospective buyers do.

4.†††††† Marketing:

As the old adage says, ďAdvertising doesnít sell houses, agents doĒ†† Your secret to success is a carefully crafted marketing plan that exposes your property to the widest possible pool of prospective buyers and agents.

For this reason why don't you invite Lillian over to hear her PRESENTATION and then you can decide which avenue to take in order to end up with a Successful Transaction?† All you need to do is call Lillian at Cell Direct:†647.822.7665.

Time is of the essence......why wait?

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