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                             10 Ideas

Are you thinking like an entrepreneur and creating a list that will maximize your chances of success?  The list should go something like this:

1.      Talk more about your business.  Don't keep ALL thoughts to yourself.  Technology is changing the way people and clients gather information; make decisions, execute on them, with profound changes for businesses. 

2.     Be less trusting.  Recognize that your investors’ motivations are not necessarily aligned with yourself.  They have one job, which is to protect their total capital:  not my capital, their capital.  My company is  immaterial to the overall welfare of their portfolio.  One should recognize this in managing one's company, managing one's growth and raising capital.  Test their logic, structure and relationships to avoid conflicts or the inherent conflicts and govern thyself accordingly.

3.     Be more wily.  Be judicious about what thoughts are shared, and with whom.  Under-promise and over-deliver rather than succumb to the opposite in seeking to please others.  Do not be a martyr.  Look after one's own interests in addition to those of one's family, clients, and friends.  This is both moral and fair.

4.     Paint more by the numbers.  Create and run thy business to a budget, and not just a budget that is cranked out once a year.  Keep it simple and use it to see how  business is changing.

5.     Stay clear-headed about governance.  Focus on critical governance issues and set corporate objectives with a clear head and due diligence.  Resource to proper governance.

6.     Create a brighter line between personal affairs and  business.  Speak with the appropriate professional people about this issue, to see what is reasonable.

7.     Communicate better; with family, friends, and clients.  Make the effort to be as clear and concise as possible and elaborate when time is available.

 8.     Listen to advice but keep centred.  Do not change business model willy nilly.  Don't resist change, but do not make changes easily or reflexively.  If one loses one's centre, one could become just another onlooker for the ride.  After all, who's business career is this? 

9.     Have some kind of interest outside the Company.  Something that allows ideas to come spontaneously, and allows one to reboot.  Music comes to mind and this allows rest and a focus on pleasure.

10.             Understand the Web and social media better.   Much is trendy, a waste of time and resources,  but not all of it.  With a positive attitude use FOCUS and learn what is worthwhile.  This will result in a secure feeling about the future.

These are some thoughts which was shared from a column by:

Brad Cherniak, Capital Insight.

 May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours,

 a Peaceful, Loving, Healthy and Prosperous Year!




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